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8 videos for your website (Jun 2019)

I’ve been talking to a large number of people in schools recently and there’s a clear message I’m hearing from almost every single person I’ve spoken to. 


And it’s to do with how to use videos for school marketing. 


We all understand the importance of video. Up until now the forward-thinking schools would present a 2-3 minute video to sit on the homepage. And this was your video marketing sorted. 


But times have changed. And while it’s not a bad thing to have a 2-3 minute video, many schools now recognise that audience attention spans are shrinking, that social media cries out for shorter videos, and that we all need to change what we do.


So, at Bonjour we’re offering something new. 


Something easy to adopt and something that makes an immediate impact on your school’s marketing without swallowing the entire budget. 

* New for summer 2019 *


Eight short videos. A one-day shoot. One simple price.


Now is the chance to showcase many different parts of your school, each in their own short video. It could be focusing on different subjects, or facilities, or core values. Or a mix of all. 


Here’s what we mean. Using the examples below you decide what the important aspects are of your school that you’d like to promote to prospective parents.


These are examples.You either choose eight of these or (more likely) you use this as a starting point to consider what’s right for your school. 

And for one price you’ll get eight separate videos between 30 to 45 seconds long each.

Consider a parent who’s weighing up different school options for their children. Imagine it’s a Mum who also runs her own design business. If she’s browsing on Facebook and up pops your video on “Art at St Matthew’s School” (43-seconds duration) I can almost promise she’ll click to watch it. 


Or Dad is into his rugby (I’m trying not to stereotype but you understand the point) and he stumbles across the video “Sport at St Mary’s School” which is just 48 seconds of cricket, hockey, swimming, lacrosse, tennis and rugby. He’s going to watch it.

And both people will stay until the end of these videos. 

But I know you’re keen to understand the price. You may even have jumped to this point to see how much eight videos would cost. And this is easy. 


Because the regular cost for this will be £4,750 but right now it’s just £2,995. 


For eight videos. All over your social media. All over your website.

But that’s only if you take action, book before 28 June and schedule us to come in before December 2020 (giving you 18 months to find the best date).


You can even choose to schedule this for the current summer term, it’s up to you. 

A few conditions you might expect (below). Nothing show-stopping though.

So if you’d like to get eight videos on your website at the discounted rate then get in touch by email, phone, text, tweet, smoke signal or even Snapchat before 28 June 2019.

My email address is or call the office on

020 7858 2246.

Simon Jones


Three conditions:

  • Bookings need to be made by 28/06/19. Invoices need to be settled by 12/07/19 (unless you're right at the end of your financial year, in which case let me know and we can sort an alternative).

  • The recording of all videos will be carried out on the same day.

  • I have to add VAT otherwise HMRC will stamp their feet. Fair enough. 

Oh, and below is an example of the kind of video I mean. This is a smidge longer (at 60 seconds) but the concept is identical.

Bonjour were very easy to work with and the video shoot required far less planning that I expected. We’re very pleased!

Liz Callan

Warwick School

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