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Get a Bonjour photoshoot worth £950 - for free!

My blog post last week generated a huge buzz in the school sector, it was so exciting. It was about shooting a fun, snappy video on the theme of a 'day in the life' of one of your students.

So, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's interested.

But it gets better! If you decide to order a 'day in the life' video service before the end of January, you'll automatically receive a further day's photography at no extra cost. Usually £950. But for you, nothing!

There's no expiry for the video shoot or the photoshoot so you can firm up on dates later.

But due to demand this offer expires on 31 January. So you need to get your order in ASAP!

To order, just email saying, "I'm in!"

I really hope you'll join me on this journey of photography and video together for your school in 2018.

ps. Here's the video below...

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