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Ten reasons it's OK to receive my emails

GDPR is coming in and yada yada yada you know what it's all about, right? Partly to do with destroying old data, partly to do with which pupils can be used on your school's Facebook page, and partly to do with who you can keep in touch with by email.

And that's what this is about.

So here are my ten reasons why it's OK to receive my emails:

1. I don't 'sell' in my emails.

They're not pushy, they're not 'white sock' (sales term for a fairly ruthless sales technique). That's really not my style.

2. They're lighthearted and fun.

Your job is stressful, right? I try to keep my emails human and enjoyable for people to read/watch.

3. They're useful.

Want to get better photos when you have to take them yourself? Better stay subscribed :)

4. I don't send them to oodles of people

There aren't a gazillion people in my database. You're one of the chosen few...

5. I only send one a week. At most.

And usually not during school holidays (mostly because that's when I'm living it up with my own family)

6. My business is boutique...

Which means I like to offer a personal service. Bonjour isn't a vast, faceless organisation. It's just, well, me! I'm the business.

7. I used to be a Marketing Manager

...which means you can get swipe and deploy some of my marketing tactics into your own organisation (woohoo!)

8. I genuinely like to help

Sure, it's important to make some money but that doesn't have to be the reason for everything in a business, right? Helping others fires me up (in a good way).

9. My emails are short

[real short]

10. I'm a nice guy.

OK, I made that one up. Ask my kids when I refuse to buy them another iPhone and they'll tell you I'm mean and nasty.

So if you'd like to subscribe (or stay subscribed) then send an email right now to with a subject 'YES PLEASE' and you're all done.

Don't forget, you can choose to unsubscribe any time you like.

Thanks for reading. Ta ta! :)

Thursday 10:05 Actual update:

I sent my email out 10 minutes ago and I'm blown away by the responses from you all. Thank you thank you :)

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