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Training Day for School marketing & admissions

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

## STOP PRESS - I've reluctantly needed to postpone this training event, the booking is now closed. Sorry!

Very excited to share details of my first ever training day for school marketing & admissions teams. The detail is in the video but repeated below the video in the text for those of you too busy to watch the video.

"How to take better photos (when you have to do it yourself)"

Event: A one-day training course for Marketing and Admissions in schools

Date: Tuesday 9th April (10.00 am to 4.00 pm)

Venue: St James Senior Girls' School in Kensington, London

Lunch included?: Of course

The content

Module 1: What camera and lens should you get for the school marketing dept.?

Module 2: How to take better SLT photos

Module 3: How to get awesome group photos

Module 4: How to shoot Speech Day and prize-givings

Module 5: How to VIP guest speakers

Module 6: How to update your school website photos

Module 7: How to get better photos from a school field trip

Module 8: How to shoot Sports Day better

Module 9: How to shoot school performances

Module 10: Three easy Photoshop tweaks to add massive impact to your photos

Will this be a good networking opportunity?: Naturally

And the price?: £347 with lunch included (I have to add VAT or the taxman gets very upset)

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