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New online training for School Marketing & Admissions Teams

Coming January 2020

Simon Jones - Training.jpg

I'm so excited to open the doors early to you with a special pre-release offer on my new video-based training course.


The service:

A video-based training course especially for School Marketing & Admissions teams, delivered online so you can learn at your own pace.


The content:

It's called, "How school marketing managers (and other staff) can take better photos when they have to do it themselves". It's a short, snappy title...


The content details:

A series of video recordings that enable you to binge-watch (Netflix-style) or take it at your own pace. Your course, your choice. Here are the modules so far...


  1. What camera & lens should you get for the school marketing department

  2. How to take better headshots of the SLT

  3. How to get awesome group photos

  4. How to shoot Speech Day and prize-givings

  5. How to shoot presentations and VIP guest speakers

  6. How to update your school website photos

  7. How to get better photos from a school trip

  8. How to shoot Sports Day properly

  9. How to shoot your school performances

  10. Three easy Photoshop tweaks to double the impact quality

The usual pricing

When it's released next month the pricing will be around £400 for school-wide access (for all staff in your school to watch). School groups will access for around £750.

However, until Friday 13 December you can take advantage of early-bird pricing.

What does early-bird access even mean?

  • It means you can request module subjects, tailoring the course around your needs

  • It means lifetime updates as new modules go live in the future

  • It means 12 months of image critique, advice and questions answered when you need it

  • And it means reduced pricing (yay!) Just £299 for schools or £575 for school groups

How to join the early-bird offer?

It's easy. Just complete the form blowsy 5.00 pm on Friday 13th December 2019.


Will this be too advanced?

No, everything starts at a basic level. No one should feel out of their depth with this.

Will it be too easy then?

Also no! For each module I'm including an additional advanced section. So if you like to shoot in semi-automatic or fully manual I'll take you to the next level each time.

Won't this do you out of a job, Simon? 
Without wanting to get all gushy on you I'm much more excited at the prospect of all schools using better images in their marketing than anything else. I'm not in this game to fiercely guard my core business.

Simon, why should I listen to you? 
You don't have to. Since 2012 I've worked with over 750 schools all over the UK and over the world. I love this job and I love working with schools. But you can go to the local library and get a book instead, that's cool.

Can I access this from home? 

What's to stop me sharing my access details with another school? 
Well, nothing. But please don't because that wouldn't be nice.

Any other questions?

Just get in touch. Call 020 7858 2246.

When you pop your name into the box above it sends me an email and I'll get back in touch with you to share further details :)

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