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Q&A section

1. Can you really shoot these videos in one day?

Yes, easily. The actual shooting takes very little time but we need the whole day to capture the different parts of school life.

2. How many people come to the shoot?

Shoots like this need just one person. No big light set-ups, no dollies, no large bags. This means we can move as the day goes and simply shoot while the day is happening.

3. Can you do this at the same time as one of your photography shoots?

No, sorry. They're very different styles of shooting so they'll need to be on different days.

4. What if we get a video like this for our school and then our biggest competitor gets one too?

You'll love this. After the shoot, name three schools you don't want me to work with and I'll blacklist them for video for 12 months (i.e. I won't shoot video for them during that time). It means you'll retain exclusivity in your area by locking out your biggest competitors.

5. Can you include an interview with the Head?

No. That's not what this is.

6. Can you have a voiceover saying how great our school is?


7. We'd like it to be 10 minutes long for social media.

No, you don't.

8. Can I see the 'Eastbourne College' video again, the one you shot when taking photos?

No problem! It's here.

9. Will you add anymore Q&As?

Probably. As and when schools email me with questions. Have you got one? :)

10. OK, I might be interested. Or I'm being slightly nosey about the price. How much?


All in.

Except for VAT, I have to add that or Philip Hammond gets very cross (which is fair enough).

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